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bullet"Rob" Roberts - KH7MW 2001 1800 GoldWing:

This installation belongs to Rob Roberts KH7MW.  Rob arrived at my home on May 14th late in the afternoon and left around 10:00 AM the next morning with his Kenwood TM-G707A integrated into his new 1800 GoldWing audio system. From an installation perspective, this installation went unusually well and quick.

Pictures displayed below should give anyone a good idea where a ham radio can be mounted on the new 1800 GoldWing and how it might look when it is completed.  In thinking back through the installation process, what surprised me most about this installation was how easy it was to work around the plastic on the bike. We didn't bother to remove console plastic, but had to remove the ignition key cover and seat to get the wires routed properly.  Integration into the audio system went without a hitch once we learned how to operate the intercom on this new model GoldWing.

Connecting the audio systems together was done by modifying a Kennedy FRS audio adapter to work with Rob's ham radio so that both the speaker and the microphone audio would be routed through the GoldWing's intercom system. To accomplish this with the Kennedy FRS audio adapter we used a cut and solder operation that took some thinking and the use of a CAT-5 network cable I had just picked up from David Sawyer. Using the network cable eliminated the need for the remote microphone cable and provided us with the wires we needed to get the audio lines going to the right places.

Rob1800-707G-7-s.jpg (82938 bytes) This picture shows the remote radio head mounting location.  It is secured to the console using industrial strength Velcro.  I usually use Radio Shack's T-Lock strips, but we didn't have any at the time of work.  The Honda GoldWing Emblem is only glued in with fragile double-sided tape and requires removal so the radio head mounting bracket will stay secure.
Rob1800-707G-2-s.jpg (71675 bytes) Main radio body is mounted in the trunk using a universal bracket we picked up at Radio Shack.  This bracket is then secured using the high strength Velcro mentioned above.  All Wires needed by the radio are feed through a factory hole in the rear top trunk.
Rob1800-707G-5-s.jpg (52487 bytes) Here is the completed bike parked in front of my garage the next morning.  In taking this picture I still surprised we were able to get it done this quickly.
Rob1800-707G-6-s.jpg (35088 bytes)

1800ccAntBracket031.JPG (74171 bytes)

Mounting the antenna on this new model GoldWing wasn't a simple matter.  When I first met Rob in southern California two days previous, he had no idea where he wanted to put the antenna and was considering cutting a hole in trunk cover for the installation.  When we talked about possible places after he made it clear he didn't want to use a luggage rack, I suggested he make plate and bracket and mount it behind the seat.  This picture isn't exactly what I had in mind because he didn't provide a plate to under the bracket to handle the stress on the trunk lid.  While it doesn't have the stress plate, it might not need it.  To create the bracket Rob was able to work with Ray Davis KG6FHN and form this bracket which works very well and doesn't look out of place.  Notice the rubber sleeve over the bracket to act as a cushion and give it a finished look.
Rob1800-707G-8-s.jpg (89189 bytes) Here is Rob testing the radio just prior to leaving on Tuesday morning.
Rob1800-707G-9-cs.jpg (82729 bytes) Notice the wide smile and salute as he heads off on what is going to be a great three months of riding around the country.  
Rob1800-707G-10-cs.jpg (76725 bytes) And here he is rolling on.  I sure wish I could leave work for three months and tour the country.  



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