Don Younker WA6JNM
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Don Younker

Previous Callsign:
2000 Kawasaki Voyager XII
Motorcycle Radio:
Kenwood D-7A(G) Dual Band 
Comet C767 Dual-band (2-meters/440)
ICOM 2AT and a TinyTrack II
APRS Location: 
FIND Don's Last Position Server is often slow and occasionally it is down for upgrades.  
This means, patience is often needed.
Favored Repeater(s):
Home Page(s):
Don was Originally licensed as WN6BKQ (1969-1971).  At the age of 11 he upgraded to Technician WA6JNM (1972-1983).  In 1979 Don went overseas in the Navy and was issued N2DME when he renewed (1983-1998).

Don decided that since he was staying in California he wanted his old call WA6JNM (1999-Present) back again. 

My other Hobbies include Geocaching (, GeoDashing (, along with other hobbies such as Scuba Diving and volunteers at several Renaissance fairs.  

Don works as a Network Engineer in Monterey, California.   Rides a 2000 Kawasaki Voyager XII, and usually has his wife Jan with him on rides.  Jan maintains most of the same Hobbies as Don and enjoys riding along on the Motorcycle, or following along with the truck.


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